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I am adding a blog to the site, so this is my first and least interesting post.

Welcome! My plan is to try to report on the progress with my manuscript, which is a slog, I won't lie. It's just like me to add another writing assignment to my long list of avoidance tactics, but I think this might help keep me accountable. You have to make progress to report on your progress.

So far, I have about 90K words, almost all of them from extant pieces and essay bits, along with (secret) blog posts and the odd rant. When you pull everything together, there can be a surprising amount of words -- which is exactly what I wanted from keeping blogs all these years. But, whew, then comes the hard part. Putting things in some kind of coherent order is the first hurdle and that's a puzzle that hasn't quite resolved itself just yet.

I have another issue, which is that I can be so freaking precious about every word that culling and revising becomes laborious and not all that fruitful. It's a war of inches, I suppose, but I'm reminded of pruning a shrub. It's painful at first -- what stems? It feels mean! -- but gets easier, especially because the whole is improving before your very eyes.

More soon. :)

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