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That's a big title. It's only to say that life has gotten a little in the way of the schedule I was hoping to keep to. I had some wisdom teeth removed, which went about as well as could be expected, but left these two holes in my head. I don't know why all my anxiety about the procedure ended at the teeth on a tray. There are two holes in my head, did I mention?

The day after that, my longtime cat companion died, and it's been a tough first week without him, let me tell you. Until him, I had more than one pet in the house when one died, so this is the first time I've been completely bereft of furry friendship in 30-something years. I hate it. There's a wrongness about home now. People say I should take some time to process before getting another but I have to wonder why. If I did have another, those same people would say what a balm that is. I had plans to travel a bit before getting a (some) new pet(s), but I don't think I'll make it even that long.

In happier news, my sisters are coming on Friday to help celebrate my birthday, and I can't wait. We have a really fun time when we're together, and selfishly, I like to have them to myself from time to time. We wander and shop and eat and laugh a lot.

Which all adds up to not much tangible progress on the book, as you can imagine. I *am* thinking about it constantly, and making new notes. There's one aspect in particular that I worry about a great deal, and I feel like I'm making some progress there. There's a very strong benefit to taking a step back, giving it time. Not making excuses, just aware that there are ideas and angles I am only just thinking of, and I'd be bummed if these came to me after it was out.

This is going to take as long as it's going to take, I guess. I just took a peek and I think I'm roughly 40% through the edit, which isn't nothing. I do peck away when I can/feel up to it. For now, I'm concentrating on cleaning the house and preparing for my guests, and forgiving myself for not keeping to schedules I made up in my head based on nothing. :)

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