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Hello! It's been a minute so I thought I'd stop by real quick, although I'm not sure there is much to tell. I have been getting a lot done, though! It's amazing how it's becoming something I look at and return to throughout the day. At work, I keep a notebook to jot things down as I think of them, and that's happening a little more regularly and a little more...pointedly, I guess. Which is to say that the work I do in the mornings is percolating in the back of my mind as I go through the day.

Definitely still noticing a difference in my happiness and patience levels during the day that is clearly tied to my ability to keep to the morning schedule, so heading over to get some work done now. It's Saturday and as usual, I have a long list of things to do, but I remind myself that I made that list and I can unmake it. :) It's supposed to be quite hot today and I've been spoiled by such a mild summer in these parts, I'm girding myself. And of course it makes that "clean out the garage" plan far less likely. Which is fine! My to-do list, my rules.

The pile of finished pieces is growing! I think the book will be about 75,000 words or more, and I don't know about you, but that's a pretty big number to me. (Old me would say it's a ding dang miracle.) I am planning on longer writing sessions today and tomorrow, because as proud as I am of my new daily habits, and as much as I tout incremental forward movement, I'm also getting impatient to get there already. So I'm thinking of the weekdays as little conditioning sprints and the weekend is where I can really cover some ground.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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