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Control Freak...In a Good Way

Happy weekend to you and yours. I hope you're well and safe. I am looking forward to house guests this coming Thursday, can you imagine? Guests! In my house! I'm beyond thrilled, but of course there's a lot to do to get ready. One good thing is that I'll finally be dealing with that last pile of miscellany from the move. I'll pare it down, toss some out, and repackage other stuff, all of which adds up to progress.

And...the same is true of the writing. I'm chipping away, even if sometimes it just feels like I'm just moving things from one spot to another. A lot of writing is moving things around, to be honest. Lining a bunch of things up and seeing what order they should go in. There are so very many decisions made, I think it's what I like best about it. And it's probably why doing just a tiny bit still manages to feel so good. How many times in your life are you totally in control of what happens? Almost never, right? So many rules and restrictions, from HOAs to bosses to parents. But when I'm writing, it's all up to me. And as a person who has traditionally tended to give her power away, it's no surprise that this should be so meaningful for me. And it follows that this figures into my plans for sharing it with the world. I'm not interested in subscribers or gatekeepers or traditional publishing for lots of reasons, but mainly I don't want any other stakeholders in this mix. It's mine, thanks, and I'll do with it what I will.

Ha, I think I just figured something out. :)

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