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Welp, we're about a week away from the due date for the edited manuscript. I will admit that I've been obsessively checking my email for some time now, so not much will change on that score.

I'd hoped by now to have already done some of the other work I've been talking about, but that list hasn't changed much, alas. One thing I don't think I mentioned before was my plan for the audio book part of this. I want to do a sort of podcast setup, where I record one or two of the essays for each episode, with (most likely, knowing me) some commentary about those pieces or related stories.

And, you know, that still sounds like a good idea to me. But last night I started researching microphones, and that led me to the realization -- waaaaay too late -- that I'm going to have to, you know, learn how to podcast. What on EARTH was I thinking?

It's baffling to me that I could say something like "I think I'll podcast this" and not realize that there'd be a giant learning curve, not to mention supplies and software and whatnot. I guess the preponderance of podcasts does, in my defense, suggest that anyone can do it. And that might be true, but it feels like an enormous lift to me right now. It was lowering.

But here we are. The plan hasn't changed, I just have more information now than I did, and that's always good. Still, sigh. I do okay with technology, but honestly that's only when there's no choice. I'm a bit of a Luddite. With anxiety around the unknown and all the new things I'm learning, I think I'm nearing my limit.

I can job it out, yes. It's mainly the editing that is freaking me out, and I'm sure there are people I can pay to do that. But I'd really like to own all of this. And I haven't sold any books.

Ah, well. Have a good week. I'm off to check my email and buy a fancy microphone.

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