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How it Goes

Welp. Nothing really to report on the book, which feels like something I should report on. This is a process blog, after all.

I lasted a little over two weeks and then adopted a cat I've named Emmett. He is a dear. I still can't look at pictures of the recently departed Ozzie (or, apparently, type a sentence about him) without tearing up. But two things can be true, and Emmett is an absolute doll. I am even now reaching around him to type this. If my lap is available, he's on it.

He had it rough but those days are over. I'm enormously grateful his path brought him to my door.

Thanksgiving was good, the holidays are upon us, and I am doing what I do...planning to write when the dust settles. It's an excuse. I've dipped my toe in the waters of not having a giant project pressing down on me and it feels great. I know this will shift. It will start to feel less great, and then unbearable, and then maybe I'll pick up the pen.

I maintain that this is time well spent. With distance, I'm seeing more clearly what has been bothering me about it in its current state. What I want for it. I'm still not sure how to achieve what I'm thinking of, but time is a necessary component and I'm trying to be kind to myself.

Heading out to do Christmas shopping in a darling little town. It's raining, but I'll pretend it's snow and be of good cheer.

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