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Over the Transom

I just minutes ago sent the full manuscript of the book to my chosen editor, 280 pages or so. Feels momentous, but really it's just the next step. Still. Eeeeeee!

Revising is my favorite part, so (nerd alert) I can't wait for notes. But hopefully there won't be too, too much to do and we can move this along. I found an optimistic, unrealistic timeline for this that I wrote last year, and let's just say it was adorable. Granted, the project grew and grew, and I'm glad it did. But every step takes time.

I'm trying to commit to just one small step every day, just like I did with the writing. While she works on the book, I'll try to find a cover designer, make a decision about the interior design (I have an urge to try my hand at that), and join one or two self-pub orgs so I can get my head in this game. I've been careful not to get too ahead of myself, partly because this next bit is so overwhelming and scary (imposter! fraud!) but again, and always, baby steps.

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